Pointed Flat Top Wave Grasper. Single-Action. 5mm, 45cm, Insert.


Brand:V. Mueller

Product Code Name:Laparoscope, general & plastic surgery

Purpose / Use

Endoscopic electrosurgical handpiece/electrode, monopolar, reusable

An electrosurgical device which consists of a handpiece with mechanical and/or electrical controls, and a monopolar electrode, intended to deliver electrosurgical current from a system generator directly to tissues for cutting/coagulation/ablation during endoscopic (including laparoscopic, arthroscopic) surgery

It includes a long thin electrode connected to the handpiece, and may include a lumen for suction/irrigation; it is available in a variety of forms (e.g., forceps or snare with ring handles, rigid probe with controls) and requires a patient contact return electrode to complete the circuit

This is a reusable device.

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