Snowden-Pencer Green fixation forceps Fine multiple teeth. 9mm tip. Overall length 4in (10cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Double single action:Double-Action

Handle type:Spring Handle

Inst type:Forceps

Overall length:4in (101.6mm).

Product Code Name:Forceps, ophthalmic

Working end diameter:9.0mm.

Working end sharpness:Fine

Purpose / Use

Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, tweezers-like, reusable

A hand-held, manual, open-surgery instrument designed to facilitate grasping and manipulation of soft-tissues

It has a tweezers-like design (may be a micro/fine instrument) with variously designed tips at the working end, whereby the blades are designed to be opened/closed by squeezing between the fingers (i.e., without ring handles)

It is made of high-grade stainless steel, available in various sizes, and may have carbide inserts at the working end

It is not an electrosurgical device and not dedicated to ophthalmic surgery

This is a reusable device intended to be sterilized prior to use.

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