SNOWDEN-PENCER U.S. Army Retractor. Set of 2 general-purpose Retractors. Overall length 8-1/2in (21.5cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Product Code Name:RETRACTOR

Purpose / Use

Hand-held surgical retractor, reusable

A hand-held, non-self-retaining surgical instrument intended to be used to separate/draw aside the margins of a wound/incision to allow access to tissues/organs during open surgery; it is not dedicated to ophthalmic surgery or small nerve/vessel retraction, but may otherwise be clinically dedicated

It includes a shaped/hooked blade with a handle/holding portion and is available in a wide variety of designs, such as a double- or single-ended blade that may be fenestrated (pronged); deep wound retractors are typically designed with a long, curved blade that may also be intended to retract organs; it may include a light

This is a reusable device.

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