SNOWDEN-PENCER Diamond-Tips CINELLI Osteotomes. Double-guarded to prevent protrusion. 14mm. Overall length 7-1/4in (18.5cm).


Brand:V. Mueller


Purpose / Use

Plastic surgery osteotome

A surgical, chisel-like, instrument designed to cut and/or shape small bones and/or cartilage during plastic surgery

It is hand-held by the surgeon who will typically use a surgical mallet or hammer to manually impart an impacting force to the proximal end of the instrument

The distal end (the cutting or shaping edge) is sharp, often flat, but can be curved (concave) in design, and is typically bevelled on either side with sloping curves

This device will be made of high-grade stainless steel and be used for plastic surgery procedures (e.g., to shape nasal cartilage)

This is a reusable device.

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