Snowden-Pencer 10mm scope 30-degree lens angle allows scope to be rotated. 30-degrees. 10mm diameter. Overall length 7in (17.5cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Inst type:Lighting And Visualization

Overall length:7in (177.8mm).


Working end degree:30

Working end diameter:10.0mm.

Purpose / Use

Endoscope sheath, reusable

A component of a rigid or flexible endoscope assembly designed as a tube through which an endoscope (e.g., hysteroscope) and endoscopic elements are introduced and assembled to create a complete operative endoscopic unit; it is also designed to function as a protective barrier to isolate the endoscope from patient contact and prevent contamination of the endoscope controls during a procedure

It typically contains ports to enable the insertion of instruments (through the endoscope or through independent working channels), insufflation ports, valves and connectors

It is made of plastic and metal materials

This is a reusable device.

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