Curved left articulating retractor 5mm, 34cm, uninsulated.


Brand:V. Mueller

Inst type:Retraction

Product Code Name:Laparoscope, general & plastic surgery

Shaft diameter:5.0mm.

Shaft length:340.0mm.


Working end angle:Curved Left

Purpose / Use

Rigid endoscopic tissue manipulation forceps, reusable

A rigid, hand-held manual surgical instrument designed to be introduced through the working channel of an endoscope and/or an endoscopic port (e.g., laparoscopic port) primarily for grasping and manipulating tissues during endoscopic surgery

It has proximal controls (e.g., scissors-like handles), a rigid long slender shaft, and distal grasping jaws; it is not an electrosurgical device and is not dedicated to biopsy

This is a reusable device.

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