Snitman endaural retractor 3 x 3 sharp prongs. Jaw opening 2in (5.1cm). Overall length 4-3/16in (10.6cm).


Brand:V. Mueller


Inst type:Retraction

Overall length:4.19in (106.36mm).

Product Code Name:RETRACTOR, ENT

Prongs:[3, 3]


Working end sharpness:Sharp

Purpose / Use

Self-retaining surgical retractor, reusable

A hand-operated, self-retaining, one-piece surgical instrument intended to be used to separate/draw aside the margins of a wound/incision to allow access to tissues/organs during open surgery; it is not intended to retract the ribs and is not dedicated to ophthalmic surgery, but may otherwise be clinically dedicated

It is designed as a one-piece device (i.e., not a mounting ring, or table-fixed assembly) having two legs with distal hooked blades and a self-retaining mechanism to maintain the legs in an open position for retraction

This is a reusable device.

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