Lempert rongeur forceps Light model with slender jaws. Jaws 10mm x 2mm wide. Overall length 6-1/2in (16.5cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Handle type:Spring Handle

Inst type:Rongeur

Overall length:6.5in (165.1mm).

Product Code Name:FORCEPS, ENT


Working end width:2.0mm.

Purpose / Use

Orthopaedic joint/limb rongeur

A hand-held manual surgical instrument designed to remove bone during an orthopaedic intervention of the limbs/joints; it is not primarily intended for nasal, spinal, or cranial use and is not a dedicated rib rongeur

It is a heavy-duty metallic instrument that has a forceps- or pliers-like design and terminates at the distal end with sharp-edged, scoop-shaped jaws attached to strong, sprung (self-opening), pivoted or multi-pivoted handles that, when squeezed together, close the jaws to bite (cut) through the bone

This is a reusable device.

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