Bellucci alligator scissors Heavy. Working length 3-1/4in (8.3cm). Overall length 5-3/8in (13.7cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Double single action:Double-Action


Inst type:Scissors

Overall length:5.38in (136.53mm)

Product Code Name:SCISSORS, EAR


Working end length:3.25in (82.55mm).

Working end thickness weight:Heavy

Purpose / Use

Ear scissors, reusable

A long, thin, hand-held manual surgical instrument designed to cut tissue during ear surgery; it is not intended for insertion through an endoscope

Sometimes referred to as alligator scissors, it typically has a slender body (to allow for restricted access) and small shearing blades which are hinged at the distal (working) end

It is made of metal and available in various sizes/lengths; the blades may have carbide inserts along the cutting edges

This is a reusable device.

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