Derlacki curette Forward bent. Diameter 1.5mm. Overall length 6-1/8in (15.5cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Double single action:Double-Action

Inst type:Curettes / Adenotomes

Overall length:6.12in (155.57mm).

Product Code Name:CURETTE, EAR


Working end diameter:1.5mm.

Purpose / Use

Adenoid curette, reusable

A hand-held manual surgical instrument designed for cutting and excising adenoid tissue (hypertrophic lymphoid tissue in the nasopharynx) during an adenoidectomy (adenectomy)

It is typically designed as a long, slender instrument with a handle at the proximal end and a concave, spoon-like tip which has a sharp edge that is used to facilitate the removal of the tissue without causing trauma to the surrounding muscles

It is typically made of high-grade stainless steel and is a common instrument of choice for the removal of the adenoids

This is a reusable device.

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