McCabe flap knife dissector Double-ended, with 2mm x 3.5mm wide blades angled 20 degrees and 45 degrees. Square, hollow handle. Overall length 7-1/4in (18.4cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Double single action:Double-Action

Inst type:Dissectors

Overall length:7.25in (184.15mm).

Product Code Name:KNIFE, EAR


Working end degree:20

Working end width:3.5mm.

Purpose / Use

Open-surgery dissector

A hand-held surgical instrument, usually spoon-shaped or rounded at the working end, used to separate a soft tissue or body structure from another

It is used in general or plastic surgery and is usually designed with a handle which continues into a shaft that terminates at the distal end with a tip

The tip may be pointed or flat, sharp or blunt, and angled or straight from the shaft

It is made of high-grade stainless steel, comes in various shapes and sizes

This is a reusable device.

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