House cup forceps Delicate oval cup jaws, 2.7mm. Working length 2-7/8in (7.3cm).


Brand:V. Mueller


Handle type:Ring Handle

Inst type:Forceps

Product Code Name:FORCEPS, ENT


Working end length:2.88in (73.02mm).

Working end thickness weight:Delicate

Working end width:2.7mm.

Purpose / Use

Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, alligator, reusable

A long, thin, hand-held manual surgical instrument designed to facilitate grasping and manipulation of soft-tissues/anatomical structures [typically during ear/nose/throat (ENT) surgery]; it is not intended for insertion through an endoscope, nor into the eye, and is not a dedicated biopsy device

Commonly referred to as alligator- or crocodile-forceps, it has a slender body (to allow for restricted access) and small grasping blades which are hinged close to the distal (working) end

It is a metallic device available in various sizes/lengths; some types may include an integrated suction channel

This is a reusable device intended to be sterilized prior to use.

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