House excavator Hook angled 90 degrees. Malleable shaft. Overall length 6-1/2in (16.5cm).


Brand:V. Mueller


Inst type:Ancillary Products And Accessories

Overall length:6.5in (165.1mm).

Product Code Name:EXCAVATOR, EAR


Working end degree:90

Purpose / Use

Soft-tissue surgical hook, reusable

A hand-held, shaft-like, manual surgical instrument designed for hooking and applying traction to specific soft-tissues of interest (e.g., skin, vessel, organ, and/or duct), to facilitate surgical intervention; it is not dedicated to separating or drawing aside the margins of a surgical wound/incision (i.e., not a blade-style retractor)

The device includes a handle and tapers towards the distal end to form a slender hook/parallel hooks

This is a reusable device.

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