House foot plate chisels Malleable shaft. Overall length 6-1/4in (15.9cm). Straight. Blade 0.6mm wide.


Brand:V. Mueller

Inst type:Chisels / Gouges

Overall length:6.25in (158.75mm).

Product Code Name:CHISEL, MIDDLE-EAR


Working end angle:Straight

Working end width:0.6mm.

Purpose / Use

Middle ear chisel

A single-blade bevelled surgical instrument intended for use in cutting or contouring the bones of the middle ear, otological microsurgery, stapedotomy, and related ear/nose/throat (ENT) surgery

It is hand-held by the surgeon who will use a surgical mallet or hammer to manually impart an impacting force to the proximal end of the instrument

The distal end (the cutting or shaping edge) is sharp and can be either straight or angled

It is typically a one-piece instrument made of high-grade stainless steel

This is a reusable device.

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