House suction adapter For House suction tubes. Short.


Brand:V. Mueller


Inst type:Suction / Irrigation

Product Code Name:TUBE, EAR SUCTION

Specialty:General And Microsurgical

Purpose / Use

Surgical/emergency suction cannula, non-illuminating, reusable

An atraumatic, invasive, hand-operated, single-lumen, rigid/semi-rigid tube designed as a conduit for aspiration of body cavities, wounds, or surgical sites to facilitate observation and/or to clear an airway obstruction

It is not dedicated to dental, intrauterine, or liposuction procedures, and is neither an ophthalmic nor an intravascular device; it is not designed for surgical irrigation

Sometimes referred to as a suction tube or tip, it may incorporate a handle with side valve(s)/hole(s), and may be provided with a stylet, sheath, and/or connection tubing; it does not include a light source or fibreoptic bundle

This is a reusable device.

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