HOUSE Suction-Irrigators. 5Fr. Working length 2-3/4in (7cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Product Code Name:TUBE, EAR SUCTION

Purpose / Use

Suction cannula, reusable

A rigid or semi-rigid, hand-held, metal or durable plastic tube designed as a conduit for the evacuation (suctioning) of blood, fluids, and other tissue debris directly from the surgical site during a surgical procedure (e.g., open-, plastic-, tissue/bone morcellation surgery)

Also known as a suction tube, it is typically a general-purpose device to which the suction system tubing is connected proximally; some types may be attached to a dedicated handpiece that typically have a valve

Dedicated cannula specifically intended for a particular procedure (e.g., bronchial, dental, eye, uterine, oral, and liposuction) are also available

This is a reusable device.

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