House ophthalmic blade Fits handle AU17370001. Non-sterile. Overall length 3in (7.6cm).


Brand:V. Mueller

Inst type:Ancillary Products And Accessories

Overall length:3in (76.2mm).

Product Code Name:Knife, ophthalmic


Purpose / Use

Ophthalmic knife, reusable

A hand-held manual ophthalmic surgical instrument designed to make precise incisions in the eye and surrounding tissues during ophthalmic surgery

It is typically designed as a one-piece instrument with a sharp, single-edged cutting blade at the distal tip and a handle at the proximal end

It can have a variety of blade edge shapes, e.g., phaco (blunt or sharp), crescent, straight, and micro-phaco (for micro incision cataract surgery)

It is usually made of high-grade stainless steel and some types can employ diamond blades

This is a reusable device.

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