Ruskin rongeur forceps Double-action. Overall length 7-1/2in (19cm). Straight jaws. 5mm wide.


Brand:V. Mueller


Handle type:Spring Handle

Inst type:Rongeur

Overall length:7.5in (190.5mm).

Product Code Name:RONGEUR


Working end angle:Straight

Working end width:5.0mm.

Purpose / Use

Mastoid rongeur

A surgical instrument designed to remove hard or tough tissues (e.g., bone or cartilage) around the mastoid process (the large projection of the temporal bone of the skull found immediately behind each ear) by applying a biting/cutting action during ear/nose/throat (ENT) surgery

It is has a forceps or pliers-like design terminating at the distal end with sharp-edged, scoop-shaped, narrow jaws attached to strong, sprung (self-opening), pivoted handles that, when squeezed together, close the jaws to bite (cut) through the mastoid tissue

It is available in various sizes and is made of high-grade stainless steel and designed to withstand the forces which are applied

This is a reusable device.

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