Single clamps Without frame. Packaged in pairs. Black.


Brand:V. Mueller

Finish:Black Oxide.

Inst type:Clamps

Product Code Name:CLAMP, VASCULAR

Specialty:General And Microsurgical

Purpose / Use

Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, scissors-like, reusable

A hand-held, manual, open-surgery instrument designed to grasp, manipulate, dissect, and/or clamp soft-tissues (e.g., organs, blood vessels); it is not intended for grasping/clamping bone or teeth, nor is it dedicated to ophthalmic surgery and is not a dedicated biopsy device

It has a scissors-like hinged design with ring handles and blades (non-cutting) that may be available in a range of sizes or designs

It may be intended for use at a specific anatomy

This is a reusable device intended to be sterilized prior to use.

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