Quick-Disconnect Posts, Pins and Clips. Five pin sizes for holding ring-handled Instruments can be easily secured in; place using the quick-disconnect clip (see Installation Instructions on page 20). The quick-disconnect clip can easily be removed for re.


Brand:V. Mueller

Product Code Name:Sterilization wrap containers, trays, cassettes & other accessories

Purpose / Use

Sterilization/disinfection container, reusable

A receptacle designed to hold wrapped and/or unwrapped medical/dental devices in a chemical washer/disinfector and/or sterilizer during the washing/disinfection and/or sterilization cycle(s)

It may be designed as a tray to allow full or partial immersion of the devices in a liquid disinfectant, or as an enclosed box to prevent contamination once the sterilization process is finished

The container may also be used for transport and storage of the processed devices, and may have features such as an expiry date label, breathing filter, built-in slots or inserts to hold instruments, and stacking capabilities

This is a reusable device.

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