{"f0": "Foman Rasp. Double-ended. Fine and coarse serrations. 4-sided, convex and flat blades 8-1/2\\\" (21.5 cm).", "f1": "24026704272055", "f2": "26698259-2af6-4e78-bf39-20e777f7ec0b", "f3": "Published", "f4": 4.0, "f5": "KMEDIC", "f6": "IPN013953", "f7": "KM46655", "f8": "002348191", "f9": "TELEFLEX INCORPORATED", "f10": 1.0, "f11": false, "f12": "FOMON RASP 8 1/2\" CONVEX AND FLAT", "f13": false, "f14": true, "f15": ["Bone file/rasp, manual, reusable"], "f16": ["A hand-held manual surgical instrument with a surface(s) of coarse and/or fine grooves or teeth designed to scrape and smooth the surface of bone during a surgical procedure. The device is typically a one-piece instrument with grooves/teeth along all or part of its working end(s). It is available in a variety of sizes and working end designs, including straight and curved ends and often double-ended with a central handle. It is not dedicated for use at a specific anatomy (e.g., sinus, ear) and it is made of metal [e.g., stainless steel, titanium (Ti)]. This is a reusable device."], "f17": ["GAC"], "f18": ["RASP, SURGICAL, GENERAL & PLASTIC SURGERY"], "f19": "catalog_match_202305"}