{"f0": "Key only, stored in drill handle.", "f1": "24026704279436", "f2": "1e295e0e-296a-4eb2-b119-1142ea94d14c", "f3": "Published", "f4": 2.0, "f5": "KMEDIC", "f6": "IPN014601", "f7": "KM48392P", "f8": "002348191", "f9": "TELEFLEX INCORPORATED", "f10": 1.0, "f11": false, "f12": "KEY ONLY FOR BUNNEL DRILL KM 48-392", "f13": false, "f14": true, "f15": ["Manual wire driver"], "f16": ["A hand-held manual surgical instrument (drill-like) designed to drive orthopaedic bone wires, e.g., Steinmann pins, Kirschner wires or K-Wires (thin needle-like pins of different thickness that are pointed for self-drilling) into fractured/deformed bones for their restoration. This is a reusable device."], "f17": ["MDM"], "f18": ["INSTRUMENT, MANUAL, SURGICAL, GENERAL USE"], "f19": "catalog_match_202305"}