{"f0": "Slender Pederson Speculum. Narrow blades, 4-11/32\\\" (110 mm) long x 11/16\\\" (17.5 mm) wide with a 2-7/8\\\" (73 mm) maximum opening.", "f1": "24026704289794", "f2": "c3eb976b-635d-4dcb-b760-3c0d4c0384c6", "f3": "Published", "f4": 2.0, "f5": "KMEDIC", "f6": "IPN015541", "f7": "KM64288", "f8": "002348191", "f9": "TELEFLEX INCORPORATED", "f10": 1.0, "f11": false, "f12": "SLENDER PEDERSON SPECULUM", "f13": false, "f14": true, "f15": ["Vaginal speculum, reusable"], "f16": ["A hand-held manual instrument intended to dilate the vagina after insertion, typically for visual examination of the vaginal canal and cervix and/or to perform a gynaecological procedure. It consists of two long blades, joined at a handle at one end, that are inserted into the vagina in a horizontal position and then opened at an angle. It is typically made of stainless steel. This is a reusable device."], "f17": ["HDF"], "f18": ["SPECULUM, VAGINAL, METAL"], "f19": "catalog_match_202305"}