Spetzler skull clamp Features hexagonal shaped arms facilitating a firmer attachment of Taka and Fukushim? C-Clamps, as well as Rhoton-Merz, Greenberg and Budde halo-style brain retractor systems.


Brand:V. Mueller

Inst type:Ancillary Products And Accessories


Specialty:Neuro / Spine.

Purpose / Use

Skull clamp

A U-shaped surgical device intended to hold the head and neck in a particular fixed position during surgical procedures

It is connected to the skull with screws or pins (not included), typically on each side of the forehead, whilst the other end is fixed to an operating table or chair

Commonly known as a Mayfield skull clamp, it is made of metal materials (non-radiolucent) and may have adjustable joints (either incorporated or separate) for positioning/stabilization; it is not intended for applying traction forces to the cervical spine

This is a reusable device.

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