Universal Ring Retractor Kit. Set components may be purchased indvidually. Set includes the following: SU2951-32 Oval Ring. Medium. I.D. 10-1/2in x 15in (26.7cm x 38.1cm). Qy 1. SU2951-39 Segmented Oval Ring. Medium. I.D. 10-1/2in x 19-1/2in.


Brand:V. Mueller


Purpose / Use

Surgical retraction system, reusable

A frame-like assembly of surgical instruments/devices intended to be used to create a self-locking, self-retaining mechanism to temporarily part tissue (e.g., hold the edges of an incision open) to expose internal tissues or organs for access during open surgery; is not intended for neurosurgery or ophthalmic surgery

It includes a mounting frame (e.g., bar, ring) and a number of detachable retracting blades, may include additional features (e.g., ratchet mechanisms, fibreoptic lights), and might be intended to be mounted to the operating table or be non-fixed

It is typically made of high-grade stainless steel and synthetic materials

This is a reusable device.

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